Friday, July 13, 2012

Dinner in China

Dinner was really good in China tonight. We have a friend who lives 30 minutes away and says we live in China. I guess Patrick invited him to dinner and he turned us down because we live "in China". Well let me tell you it was really good "Chinese" food. You missed out Max! :) There is always next time.

I made Portobello summer squash lasagna. I found the recipe on pinterest. You can find it here. I didn't put as much cheese. In fact I put probably half the cheese. The recipe called for a layer of mozzarella and Parmesan for each layer. I only did that on the top. I also half baked it around 3 pm. Then finished it before dinner. It worked great and was super yummy and best of all vegetarian!!! I love cooking vegetarian meals. They just don't have that heavy feel to them after you finish. This is a really bad picture of it because I only decided to take a picture last minute once the dish was already cold. :/. Sorry.

Anyhow, just an update on my dinner. What did you eat tonight? :)

Side note: my garden is doing awesome even for starting so late. Here are some pictures of my tomato plant, pepper plants, corn and yellow squash. Tomato salads are days away.


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