Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tour de Fat

Every year downtown Boise holds Tour de Fat. A bike parade that ends up with beer drinking. It is a fun spectacle to watch, especially with a 3 year old. Most people on their bikes are dressed up, some as cowboys, indians, bumble bees, tutus, caterpillars, bananas you get the picture. My favorite this year, the girl with the big butt, it was stuffed to full capacity. :) So many fun loving people in one place makes for a good parade. This is how we started our Farmer's Market Saturday.

Today we needed some ground beef and another eggplant. In general we as a family eat a lot of vegetables however I don't like to label us as vegetarians. We do eat meat, not a lot of it, but we do. In this day and age meats are plentiful and cheap. It has come to pass that most people eat meat with every meal and lots of it. In my opinion this is where the economy has failed us. By making all these meats cheap and mass producing cattle, chicken, pork etc, we have made society fat and unhealthy. (Please, either read Omnivore's Dilemma or watch Food Inc, better yet, do both. They are both very informative and life changing.) Growing up on St. Croix where we saw the dairy cattle grazing on South Shore and the meat cattle grazing out at Annaly Farms we knew that our cattle were living the life they were meant to, eating grass, plants, resting in the shade of a large tree, drinking from ponds therefore filling their milk with nutrients and making their muscles lean. The government and big corporations decided to mass produce meat taking the cows out of their pastures and putting them in dirt piles, that later turn into manure piles, feeding them corn and injecting them with antibiotics. (Cows do not need antibiotics when grazing on grass, corn makes them sick.) This makes meat fattier and the milk as no nutrients. This is why now meat with a marbled look is touted as good and milk has to be fortified with vitamins. What I was getting at is that if you live in the Treasure Valley and wanted a place to buy meat that in my opinion actually is meat, Homestead Naturals is a great place to buy it. They are a co-op of farmers that raise cows in the environment that was meant for them. Please visit to see what I'm talking about. The meat is going to be more expensive because of the way the animals are cared for but it is so worth it. The cost is okay in my book because meat should not be eaten every day, we've just gotten used to it because it so darn cheap at Walmart. Homestead also sells chickens, whole,pork, and eggs. What's great about Homestead as opposed to the other meat stands at the Farmer's Market is that they don't "finish" their product with corn. The other stands finish their product to create more fat for months before slaughter. Not good, you want the meat to be lean and the cows to eat only grass or hay. Look around for a place near you to find meat the way it should, or visit this website to help you find it: So at the end of this information we bought some ground beef. I bought a pound and plan on using it later for hamburgers and tacos.

Again Peaceful Belly stood out from the crowd today. They were not roasting today, :(, but they had a beautiful eggplant that screamed out for eggplant parmesan for tonight's dinner. While I was paying I asked one of the farmers about a problem I've been having with my squash plant. He was uber helpful and so friendly. Also while we were talking London, my vegetable loving princess, reached her little hand up into the yellow green bean basket and grabbed one. Before I could tell her to put it back, into her mouth it went! I looked at the farmer about to apologize and he said to London," You just needed your bean fix didn't you?!" He smiled and told her to take some with her. How nice! He let her grab a handful and put them in a bag for her to walk around eating. She cracks me up. Of course she said Thank you and was very content. Please go visit them! They are so nice and their produce looks amazing! I know they do a CSA so if you are interested in that for next year visit

Will post later after dinner to show my eggplant parmesan, London's favorite dinner of all!


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