Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh Eggs

We have some friends that have chickens. They are so nice that they let us have a dozen of eggs whenever we need them. We don't go through many eggs a month because I usually just use them for baking. This is one of the items that I just have the hardest time buying at the grocery store. I just imagine the chickens in their tiny little wire cages not being able to stand or move, their beaks clipped off, and most of their feathers gone. All for an egg?! That just isn't the way to do it. Besides, those eggs are not full of nutrients like the ads would have you believe. Those chickens don't eat the proper food to pass on the nutrients to the eggs. (There are no standards set for the free range eggs you find at your grocery so there is no sure bet those chickens really are free range.) Another option for eggs is buying them at the Farmer's Market. But $4.00 a dozen is kind of steep for me. I have bought them from the market before and they were super yummy and they were this gorgeous orange color that was so vibrant I had my husband come run and look at them. (He laughed, crazy wife!) Luckily we have Terry and Rhonda. Patrick's co-workers and our friends have a bunch of chickens they keep in a coupe and let run around their property. The eggs are equally pretty and we get multi colored eggs thanks to them. These eggs get all the nutrients they should due to their diet of a free range chicken. Yesterday morning I made scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese for London and a mushroom, tomato, bell pepper and muenster cheese omelet for Patrick. Buying free range fresh eggs is the smallest task I can do to stand up for my beliefs and to stand up against the many corporations of chicken farming.

In the afternoon we had another special drink time. We don't do this every day, but when we are hanging out in the backyard on a 90 degree day, splashing away in our little blow up pool, it just calls for a drink. I asked London what she wanted and she said "Vanilla!" Okay, how to make a just vanilla special drink. Hmmmm It took a moment and then I remember we went strawberry picking at a local berry farm in June with Marisa while she was visiting.

We had so many I froze a bunch. I asked London if she wanted strawberries too, and of course she said yes! Perfect. Here is yesterday's special drink:

Food Processor or Blender
a few fresh strawberries or some frozen ones
1 cup plain yogurt, I like Greek yogurt
2 tbsp cane sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups milk

If you are using frozen strawberries let them thaw for a few minutes so they don't damage the blades. Put all ingredients into the blender or F.P. Process until as smooth as you want it. Mind you, the measurements are not exact and should be adjusted to taste and size. This was perfect for two people to have about 8 - 10 oz each. Hope you enjoy it like we did!

In this blog post you will notice London's special cup for her special drinks. This is the cup she always uses, pretty funny if you ask me. :)


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