Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special Drinks

London and I love to have a special drink on some afternoons. Since it's summer we take our drinks on the patio. A special Mexican drink is called Agua Fresca literally fresh water. It is basically just pureed watermelon. I know what you are thinking, yummy! Right? Well we make it even yummier here at my house! You will need:

lime juice
*optional for parents vodka or tequila
blender or food processor

Just make sure the big black seeds are not in the watermelon and put all the items into the food processor or blender and mix away. I leave it slightly chunky but you could go crazy and make it really smooth if you'd like. Don't forget if adding the alcohol don't add it until after you've served your little one. (That could be fun I know, but better not to be safe.) :)

On another note, we went to one of my favorite market places that sells a lot of locally grown produce for a great price. I have discovered my new favorite type of peach. The donut peach. Looks like a saucer, has white flesh and is super sweet and yummy. I bought a bunch today because last time we ate them within two days. yikes! We also bought some Oregon blueberries. I know, they aren't local but Oregon is only a state away and besides they are delish and freshly picked. They didn't have far to travel to get here either.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love those peaches too, but WAY too much $$ here, enjoy some for me :)

    You could try making agua fresca with peaches too you know - I think it would be yummy......

  2. That could be yummy... I will have to try it out! Thanks!