Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spinach Side

I have said before that spinach is a super food. It is full of wonderful nutrients that as I always say to London, "It's soooo good for our bodies." She has taken to saying this about all fruits and veggies. When I make dinner I always am thinking what vegetable or side dish would go with this. I am 33 weeks pregnant and right now am trying to use a lot of vegetables as side dishes as opposed to starches or carbs. I bought a huge box of spinach from the store the other day when I made some spinach pesto and decided that a side of sauteed spinach would go well with the Salmon I made. I decided to also throw in some mushrooms to that saute as well.

A while back I was eating mostly vegetarian. I came across Liquid Smoke. Who doesn't love that smokey meat flavor? Most of us when craving certain foods really are only craving the flavors of that item. When you crave something that is smokey off the grill it usually is just that smokey flavor we are craving. When making a vegetarian chili there is usually just a little something that is missing, that is when you add a few drops of liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is collected by collecting the condensation made from different woods when smoking them in a smoker. You get the great smokey flavor with no meat added.

Back to the spinach. I wanted to make it taste almost as if there was ham, or prosciutto in the spinach so I decided I would look to liquid smoke to add that little bit of smokey flavor and depth to the spinach. (You can find liquid smoke at your grocery store near the ketchups.)

olive oil
diced onion, just a bit to add flavor
Spinach, enough to feed your family. (REmember, spinach wilts down to almost nothing so add more when in doubt.)
mushrooms, sliced
salt and pepper
liquid smoke, a drop or two

Heat the olive oil. Add the onions and mushrooms and saute for a bit. Add the spinach, salt and pepper and cover for a bit. When you notice some wilting going on take the lid off and saute some. Add the liquid smoke and saute until done to your liking. This is a great side dish. It's so good for your bodies. :)


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