Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My husband is great!

So many things to tell. The title of this blog is there for a reason. We were driving back to my in-laws from Rothenburg, Germany and all of a sudden my husband is moving around like he's got ants in his pants and then flash he's taking pictures for me of....... the solar farms! We ended up passing another few farms and he saw them coming and whipped out the camera. All for me. I think he loves me. :) So here is the picture of the solar farm. Such a cool concept. Rows and rows of solar panels soaking up mother natures own energy.

Since we left off last time, a lot more was done in Europe. More wonderful food was eaten. My husband and I went to Paris for a couple days, leaving London with her grandparents in Germany, how spoiled I know. Of course we passed some pastry shops that looked amazing, but sadly I didn't try anything because I thought I would wait until the next one and I never saw another one as yummy looking. Oh well that raspberry one was still on my mind from Strasbourg. We ate dinner at a cute sidewalk restaurant in the Latin Quarter in Paris where our hotel was. Being in France I could not pass up on the escargot. I love them so much, and these were amazing as well. I ordered for my main meal a beef bourginon. It was delicious as well. Ever since watching that Julia Child's movie I have wanted to make it, now I really want to make it. Yummy. It was so tender and the veggies were so soft and everything was so full of flavor.

Paris was so cool. I have been there a couple times before but this time, being older and in a different frame of mind, I noticed different things. Patrick and I noticed a whole bunch of rent a bikes. Right by our hotel on three different streets there were stations of bikes, which you can rent by the hour or locations that you may need to stop at. I thought this was an ingenious idea. We were tempted but since we weren't familiar with the streets, we thought it wouldn't be a good idea to ride out in traffic. Later at the airport to go home I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal Europe that both London and Paris were doing this rent a bike program. Since traffic was such an issue they decided to try and make bike riding more accessible to people who lived within the city and didn't have room to store a bike.

Back in Germany we explored some more, going on many hikes. My favorite location was Rothenburg where I had the best brat ever. I didn't take a picture because it was night time and I devoured it too fast. whoops! In Rothenburg they were having their mid evil festival. All the people that lived there were dressed in traditional costumes and performing for the tourists. The town is walled and outside the wall they had the Knights Camp, where we had the brats. It was an awesome city and definitely my favorite place I visited in Germany.

While I was there though I remembered how nice it is to have a good eater. She ate everything and tried new things as well. She liked it all. It reminded me of another little rule when dealing with new eaters. If your child asks if she can try something you are eating you should always say yes if it's something you would approve of them eating and trying. Never say, "Yes you may but you might not like it." Can anyone tell me what's wrong with that? You got it! You are planting a seed of dislike before they even try the food. The correct response should just be "Yes!" If you are going to predict anything you should say "I love it, I'm sure you will too." Chances are even if they are unsure they will say they like it too. At this young age they usually try to like everything their mom/dad like. Lucky when this was said to London, she said "Oh no, I like it." She's so funny.

The one thing I noticed in German food, is little veggies. Maybe we ate at the wrong places, but most meals we ate did not come with veggies. I was craving them and so ordered a bunch of side salads. We got back from Germany last night and went to the grocery store this morning. Guess what I bought? Vegetables that I was craving! :) It's amazing what your body tells you it needs. I am a firm believer in feeding your body what it craves. If you crave something salty, get a handful of lightly salted nuts, chocolate, get a small piece of dark chocolate, vegetables, eat them. Don't hold out or else later you will splurge. So I guess I will be making a lot of vegetarian dishes this week.

All in all we had a great time. I loved seeing all the 'green' aspects of the country, from the grass, and seeing the cows grazing in it, to the solar panels on village homes and solar farms, to the hundreds of windmills that I saw all over the country side. This week I will try making that soup that we had in the Netherlands at the museum, the kale, noodle, carrot one. I will hopefully make a good enough version and then post it up here. Until then please eat well!


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